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Trainingsevaluation: Before the Workshop

Dear Sir/Madam,

as a young organization dedicated to developing accessible, affordable and adaptable mental health care interventions, research is a fundamental part of our work. We would like to invite you to support this effort by participating in the evaluation of our Train-the-Trainer Program. 

In order to measure training effects, it is necessary to ask a series of questions before, after and 4 months after the Train-the-Trainer Course, and then compare the results. 


Our evaluation process has been approved by the Ethics Commission of the Hamburg Chamber of Psychotherapists and fulfills all necessary ethical standards. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and stored separately from the questionnaires that you fill out. You will receive a Participant Code, and the only person who will have access to the “key” will be our research director Dr. Dana Barthel. The data we receive from our participants is analyzed as a whole, not individually. This means that the information your contribute will remain anonymous in any analysis or publication resulting from our work.


Thank you for your support!

I agree to contribute to CORESZON’s training evaluation and any use of the information I contribute that is relevant to CORESZON’s development goals. I have been informed that I am free to withdraw my consent at any time without any negative consequences whatever, and that my data can be deleted upon my request. My questions about CORESZONs research and the use of my data have been answered.
I don´t agree to contribute to CORESZON´s training evaluation. I want to quit the survey.
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Do you have any questions? 


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