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SOMBEE Survey on Ecosystems, Climate Change and Fisheries (Black Sea)

The BiodivERsA project ‘SOMBEE’ was started in April 2019.
The overall objective of SOMBEE is to build future scenarios of marine biodiversity with emphasis on the effects of fishing and climate change.


SOMBEE focuses on six regions around the world where models will be developed to make projections of the combined effects of fisheries and climate change on key species and food webs. For more information, please visit

Co-creating the program and sharing our findings with regional stakeholders is a top priority in SOMBEE. We aim to build regional scenarios of climate and fishing and engage stakeholders using a set of methods. One method is this online survey which poses questions about the importance of various drivers and factors shaping the current and future status of fish species and their ecosystem. The information collected here will help guide how models are used and will help design outputs most relevant to regional groups (from scientists, to conservationists, to fishers). Hence, your answers to these questions are important to us as they will shape our activities.

This survey is being sent to regional stakeholders that were initially identified by partners participating in SOMBEE. If you know other people that are well placed and/or interested to answer these questions, please forward this survey to them. It should not take more than 25 minutes to complete. We hope that you can complete it before November 30th. If you have questions or additional comments, please refer them to Dr. Ekin Akoglu (

SOMBEE processes your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our Data Protection Policy in accordance with EU law. The survey is anonymous.

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